Blog Post 

How Am I?

It’s been so long since I wrote a blog post. Well, here goes…


Since publishing Love in Carson Falls, my life has changed in so many ways. I have a different job, I published a novella, and most recently, lost my mom.

I’d like to talk about my mom for a minute so please bear with me. 


I am sure you all know or have seen me post about losing my mom. Losing her is the biggest, hardest change I have ever been through in my life. I lost my father 17 years before I lost my mom and that was tough. But my mom was, and still is, a loss I am not sure I will ever comprehend and harder than losing my dad. And I loved my dad. I was daddy’s little girl. It’s just that I feel there was so much more I needed from her. 


My mother was my very best friend. They say your momma teaches you everything, except how to live without her and I am here to tell you, it is the God’s honest truth. I am dealing the best way I can right now and I have a lot of legal issues to sort through, including getting guardianship of my oldest brother who is severely autistic and living in a developmental center.  I miss her so much that some days it is physically unbearable to deal with but I push through. For her. For them.  


So you can understand a bit better why my writing is so sporadic, after every chapter I wrote, I’d print it and my mom would read it. She’d give me feedback and tell me to give her more. She was a part of my process and after I finished Chapter 6 of Reckless, I had no momma to hand it to. I broke down and told myself I just wasn’t ready so I haven’t cracked my WIP open. Until today. It wasn’t much that I wrote, but any words are better than no words. It’s starting to come back. The joy and peace that writing has always given to me. When it hits me, I will do my best to get it out for y’all.

I know I have been MIA over the past few months and I want to say that I am sorry. I know I let y’all down. There was a story that I should have released among other things I had to pull from. I promise that as soon as I can get back into it full force, I will give y’all everything you were promised.

For now, I will be writing here and there and pop on and off when I can. All your support and constant encouragement to go on and of my writing journey is something I cherish every day. I am nothing without my readers and I know this down to my bones. 

March 3rd, 2018